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York Developers
YorkTechFest 2018 - The Showcase of Tech Non-Profit Communities - November 13th 2018

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Software Community. Driven by you, supported by YorkDevelopers.

YorkDevelopers advance education for public benefit to the IT and the Software Engineering sector for all age groups through the provision of events and meetings in the City of York and throughout the Yorkshire region.

We are a group of dedicated software professionals who lead by example and meet often to share knowledge and experiences.

We believe that like minded software engineers can grow community centred around a platform, skill or methodology.

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4 September 2018

YorkTechFest 2018 is Coming Soon!

YorkTechFest 2018 is Coming Soon!

20 June 2018

Agile York is 1 year old!

Agile York is 1 year old!

15 April 2018

YorkDevelopers at TechYork

YorkDevelopers at TechYork

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YorkTechFest   27 November 2018
![Screenshot 1]({{ site.url }}/img/YorkTechFest_logo.png){:width="50%" max-width="100%" max-height="100%" display="block" margin-left="auto" margin-right="auto"} ### Making the YorkDevelopers conference happen November 13th 2018 saw our first ever “York Developers” conference - YorkTechFest. Back in 2016,...
How to Share Code   11 June 2017
Sharing Your Code Like many open source projects and communities, we use “GitHub” to store, version and share our source code. At the end of each code dojo session we...
How To Build A Community   25 April 2017
These are my tips for setting up a meetup Pick a subject that you are passionate about or an area which will assist you in your professional development. You are...
Mission Statement   24 April 2017
Our mission statement sums it up nicely. York Developers support, develop and encourage a community of Software Developers in (and around) the City of York. We promote the values of...